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What's New in Version 3.3?

Version 3.3 contains new options for interpretation of non-line observations. This type of observations is called Other 2D in project properties. In previous versions, they were required to be generated by diving wave propagating in gradient velocity model only. Now those restrictions are lifted, so that the user can solve forward problem and run tomographic inversion for any source-receiver configuration with reflectors or/and refractors in model or, shortly, for layered model. Only one condition must be satisfied: sources and receivers are located above the horizon in study. For example, part of them (or all) may sit in one or more boreholes, if the problem stay two-dimensional. It is just the case of borehole observations that motivated the last update. Clear, that TX-curve inversion tools worked out for line observation are not applicable in that case and stay inaccessible in the user interface.