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SafeNet Sentinel Driver

USB-key driver installer. Version (December 2017).

Normally, when the user connects the key to  an USB port, Windows searches for, downloads and installs its diver automatically. The procedure may take several minutes.  However, Windows is usually late with driver updates. Use this program to install the driver. After downloading, extract the executable from the RAR archive and double-click it to start installation.




XGeo Network License Manager   
The program provides support for network licenses. A network license for an application grants the user permission to run it on N nodes of a virtual network concurrently using only one USB key. Number is defined by the delivery contract and may differ for different applications. Any Local Area Network is
included in the set of permissible network configurations.  A brief user guide can be launched after installation from the Start/XLM menu or straight from the program's main window.



XTomo-LM 2.1.2,  DPU 2.1.3

Distributives of versions 2 of the products (last releases) to download by the licensees if neccessary.  Target operating system – Windows XP.  For activing use the old key files. These versions of the produts are not maintained any longer.

Download  XTomo-LM 2

Download  DPU 2


  Firstomo 2.5.100.  3D First Arrival Tomography System for DOS

This is a reedition of the application released in 1997 and authored by Yuri Roslov and Pavel Ditmar. It runs under DOS virtual machine for Windows, wich is installed together with the application.  The reedition may be of some help for old Firstomo users. The setup program installs the trial version.  For getting a license  version address the support service.