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Trial Editions

XTomo-LM 3.3.1

2D Seismic Tomography System with Tools for Layered Model Study

Date of publication:   12.07.2019

About last release(s)Version 3.3 contains new options for interpretation of non-line observations. This type of observations is called Other 2D in project properties ... <more>.

Important Information.  In version 3.2, an error was discovered relating to the task for Forward Problem Solver (FPS) in an inversion project. In the FPS window, the horizon list was dispayed incorrectly in the special case when one or more  horizons in model were not provided with  observed data.

Installation Notes.  The setup program offers two install options: XTomo-LM with the sample projects or without them. The archive file with samples is placed in the fixed root folder XTLM 3.2 Examples of the system disc. The projects deal with problems of traveltime curve inversion. In trial version, one can view all steps of getting solutions. The legal users have full access to the sample projects. See details in the documentation. Attn: "3.2" in folder name is not an error.

Trial limitations:  Modules of solving forward problem, tomography inversion and traveltime curve inversion do not work in projects with number of grid cells > 800 and number of rays > 400.

History:  1.0.1 – 1.0.5 (2004 – 2007);   2.0.1 – 2.0.5 (2007 – 2011);   2.1.1 – 2.1.2 (2011 – 2012);  3.0.2 – 3.0.4 (2013 –2014); 3.0.5 (2015); 3.1.1 (2016);  3.2.1 (2017),  3.2.2(2018).

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Data Preparation Unit 3.0.2

Software for Preparing  Input Data for  XTomo-LM 3

Date of publication:   12.10.2015.

Some low-level components have been upgraded and some bugs eliminated, in particular, E150908. The release contains a new implementation of importing a project from a network location. The release has been tested in the Widows 10 environment. No deviation in the software behavior has been registered.     What's new in version 3?

Trial limitations:   a number of input seismogram is limited to 10; target SRT file contains no more than 10 lines.

History:  1.0.3 – 1.0.7 (2006 – 2008);   2.0.1 – 2.0.4 (2008 – 2010);   2.1.1 – 2.1.3 (2011 – 2012); 3.0.1 (2015).

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Documentation is included in trial editions. Also it can be downloaded separately as user guides in PDF format.


XTomo-LM 3. 2D Seismic Tomography System with Tools for Layered Model Study. Version 3.3.1. User guide.

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Data Preparation Unit for Seismic Tomography System XTomo-LM 3. Version 3.0.2. User guide.

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