About licensing

XGeo software is acquired by the way of purchasing licenses. A licensee can be a person or a company. According to the  End User License Agreement, a licensee has the right of time-limited or unlimited use of the software on one workstation without proprietary right which belongs to XGeo.

The "Downloads" page of the site offers for free downloading trail versions of all products. The limit of use of a trial is limited to 20 days after install, while their functionality is restricted as well as number of installations on a computer (usually by 3).

After purchasing a license, the user receives by email additional data permitting him or her to perform activation of the installed trial and turn it into full-functional software. In particular, the data contain the license number which is required for activation. Activation is carried by Activator – a program started by a command of the Windows Start menu.


Types of Licenses

There are three kinds of license:

1. Unlimited. Grants to the user right for unlimited (in time) use of the software on one workstation with full access to all its functions; free support for one year after purchase and free upgrades with the same major version number. The software can be installed and activated on several computers but   it can be used only on one of them. This clause of license agreement is enforced by an USB-key, which a licensee receives after the purchase.

2. Leasing with buyout. This type of license ensures access to all features of the software during one year for a half  of the price and possibility to to pay the other half  during that year. In case of leasing without buyout, the licensee is obliged to return the USB-key to the company.

3. Network. This is unlimited license for work concurrently on  several  network stations simultaneously.  Access is controlled by an USB key connected to one station and program XGeo Network License Manager working in the background.  Price of a network license depends on a number of concurrently running application instances. 


Versions, Releases and Updates

Each new edition of a product is called a release and has unique full version number with three components V.v.R, где V is major version number, v is minor version number, R is ordinal release number for V.v. Trials on the "Downloads" page usually represent the last product release and are labeled with full version number: XTomo-LM 3.0.4. A product update is simply a new release. The licensee downloads it, installs and activates using the same activation data. Normally, all updates with the same major version number are free. To delete a product from the system manually, use the Uninstall command of the product submenu of the Start menu.


Prices and discounts

Currently, the following prices are valid:






XTomo-LM  3


Data Preparation Unit  3 (DPU 3)


XTomo-LM  3 + DPU 3



50% discount is granted to academic and educational organizations as well as to users of product versions with less major number. If a purchase includes more than one copy, every next copy is 10% cheaper than the previous with maximal discount 40%.



St Ptersburg company "Engineering Center of Information and Control Systems" ( is sublicensed for marketing of XGeo products. License price for the end user does not depend on whether it is purchased from XGeo or from a sublicensed company. In any case, technical support is provided by XGeo. A sublicensed company may offer its own services.