20.12.2021 New edition of application Kinematic Seismic Model FitterXMF 2 – is published with essential updates and additions.
28.12.2020 New version  of  XGeo Network License Manager  (XLM 2.0.1) has been published. Existing application releases has been updated to fit XLM.  The updates are offered to owners of network licenses.
25.11.2020 New release XMF 1.1.2  is published with new features of viewing seismic files within and outside XMF projects.
02.10.2020 New releases  XTomo-LM 3.4.1 and XMF 1.1.1 implementing bidirectional interface between the applications,  are uploaded to the trials page.
16.09.2020 A new program  XGeo Network License Manager  can be found on the user downloads page. It is designed for network licences support.
10.06.2020 A new type of license − a network license −  is offered for XGeo users. 
12.03.2020 A new application  Kinematic Seismic Model Fitter (XMF)  is published to complete XTomo product line. Details can be seen here.  A trial version  is on the  download page.
12.07.2019 A new XTomo-LM 3 version is published. Version 3.3 enhances ways of interpretation of non-line observations. More details can be found on the download page.
01.02.2018 Recently, experts of "Kaspersky Lab" discovered a vulnerability in the SafeNet dongle driver. A new driver version (7.63) was published in December 2017. We recommend the users to install the upgrade. The setup program is here.
15.01.2018 The next update XTomo-LM 3.2.2 has been published. Some details of the new release can be found here. Download the trial version from this page. The XTomo-LM users can  activate the software with the same activation file.
01.09.2017 New version of the main company's product XTomo-LM 3.2 has been published. The release contains essential updates in functionality and user interface. Details are here. The trial version and update for the users can be downloded from this page.
01.08.2016 New version of the seismic interpretation system XTomo-LM 3  has been publushed. The details can be found here. The trial version of Release 3.1.1 is on the Downloads page. The XTomo-LM 3 users can activate the trial with the same activation data.
14.03.2016 An XTomo-LM 3 license has been acquired by the municipal geological service of Trento Province, Italy.
28.02.2016 As homage to Yuri Roslov, the founder of XGeo, on the day of his death a year ago, XGeo has reissued his DOS program Firstomo (3D first arrival tomography). Now it can be run from Windows within the virtual DOS machine.
16.12.2015 Sublicense agreement for marketing of XGeo products has been made with the company "GEODEVICE" (St Petersburg), which, additionally, offers XTomo-LM user instruction.
18.11.2015 Mining Institute of Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Science has acquired one XTomo-LM 3 license.
20.10.2015 XGeo has granted  sublicense for marketing its products to the company "Engineering Center of Information and Control Systems" (St Petersburg).
12.08.2015 New releases XTomo-LM 3.0.5 and DPU 3.0.2 contain upgraded low-level components of the software. Besides, both releases have been tested in the Widows 10 environment. No deviation in software behavior has been registered but one small detail (see the Deinstallation section of  System requirements).
31.08.2015 The next release of XTomo-LM 3 – XTomo LM 3.0.4 – is published. Details can be found  on the Trial Editions page.
01.08.2015 The first release of SEG-Y/PC Tools 7 for Russian users is published. Additional information can be found on the Russian Trial Editions page.


The first release of Data Preparation Unit 3 (DPU 3.0.1) is published. Additional information can be found on the Trial Editions page.



The third release of XTomo-LM 3 (XTomo LM 3.0.3) is published. Correction are made that exclude incorrect termination of several modules when XTomo-LM 3  runs under Windows 8/8.1.



A user running of XTomo-LM 3 under Windows 8 reported incorrect termination of a module. The error is confirmed. No such error occurs if XTomo-LM 3 runs under Windows 7.



The second release of XTomo-LM 3 is published. The publication means the official release of the new product.


The first (preliminary and urgent) release of XTomo-LM 3 is published. The release implements only base functionality of the product. The urgency is caused by the problems of use of version 2 after installing a certain Window 7 update. The release is intended for Russian users.