User Support

About support service

The users are provided with free support during a year after purchasing a license. That does not mean requests for help sent later will be denied. Technically, support is carried out by means of email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).  XGeo support service works with each user individually. Usually, it responds within 48 hours after getting a request. Sending details and images is encouraged. Images can be enclosed in emails or sent through a cloud . The XTomo-LM users can make use of special XTomo-LM features: packages or project archives (package is a compressed file of a problem processing tree branch). DPU can create compressed project archives as well. Support service advises relates to  using  the software but not problems of interpretation.


Bugs. Feedback

Sometimes problems are caused by software bugs. Informing the support service of bugs and errors is encouraged and will be accepted with thanks. After necessary examination, errors are registered and, normally, are corrected in the next software update.  Emergency updates can be issued  for the sake of  correcting a serious error.  User comments and recommendations are scrutinized by the support service. Some may be accepted for implementation.  In fact, quite a  a few have been already realized.