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User Support

About support service

The users are secured free support during a year after purchasing a license. That does not mean that later the user's requests for help will be denied. Technically, support is carried out by means of email.  XGeo support service works with each user individually. Usually, it responds within 48 hours after getting a request. Sending details and images is encouraged. Images can be enclosed in emails.  Large files can sent through mail provider's cloud. The XTomo-LM users can make use of special XTomo-LM feature that allows creating a compressed package of the problem branch of a project processing tree. Project archives can be sent as well. DPU can create compressed project archives as well. Support service consulting concerns application of software but not problems of interpretation.


Bugs. Feedback

Sometimes problems are caused by software bugs. Informing the support service of bugs and errors is encouraged and will accepted with thanks. After necessary examination, information about the most important bugs is published on this page of the site. Corrections usually come with the next release. If a bug is critical, the support service may create a temporary patch (hotfix). It is placed on the user download page and information about it – on the news page.

User commentary and recommendations are scrutinized by the support service. Some may be accepted for implementation. Information about such cases is published on the support page. Interesting and instructive  cases of XTomo-LM / DPU application can be submitted for publication on the site with data owner permission.

List of lately discovered bugs

In the below table bugs discovered in late releases are listed. The Correction column contains the number of release or hotfix in which the bug will be corrected.  An empty cell means that a bug is  confirmed but not corrected.






E150908 DPU 3
Release 3.0.1
Module Arrival Time Picker.
Error of switching amplitude display modes in the View Options Console window.

Release 3.0.2


XTomo-LM 3

Release 3.0.3

An error occurring very rarely at product activation time.

Release 3.0.5


XTomo-LM 3

Release 3.0.3

Module SRT Data Importer.

If number of resolution errors is very large,  access to Ray catalog becomes blocked (unhandled exception is thrown)

Release 3.0.6

E150314 XTomo-LM 3
Release 3.0.3
Module Forward Problem Viewer. Creating a ray sample.
GUI errors in the dialog for sampling sources/receivers.

Release 3.0.5


XTomo-LM 3 Release 3.0.3

Modules TX-Curve Viewer, TX-Curve Selector and utility SRT Data Explorer.

1)curves with specific drawing attributes are drawn not quite correctly;

2)error of sorting out apparent velocity compare list.

Release 3.0.5


XTomo-LM 3

Release 3.0.3

Module Forward Problem Viewer.

In T-window the  Decrement Zoom command does not properly work.

Release 3.0.5