What's New in Release 3.2.2?

The release is aimed, mainly, at eliminating minor errors and bugs having been discovered since the first release of version 2.2 in September 2017. Additionally, a few small amendments have been introduced. Some of them are listed below.

1. When comparing two velocity distributions, the user can examine both difference maps and vertical profiles. The latter feature is a novel. Now it is used by the Inverse Problem Solution Viewer module and Velocity Comparator utility (UVC).

2. UVC. The user interface is simplified. Now the utility can be applied to any velocities, not only close to each other and non-constant as in the previous release. Maps of absolute and relative velocity differences can be viewed.

3. Velocity Spectrum Manager. The module is provided with a new tool for rapid building of velocity color spectrum. It allows creating much broader set of spectra.

4. Program Manager. From now on, the user can run a persistent comment for each project. The comment dialog is activated by the main menu command Project|User Notes. The beginning of the comment can be shown as a hint when the cursor is over the project in the project list. To activate the option, use the Working Folder|Show Notes as Hint command.