XTomo-LM. What's new in version 3.4?

Version 3.4 contains only one new feature, which, however, is of prime importance for entire XTomo product line. This is a bidirectional interface between XTomo-LM and XMF – a platform for manual fitting of layered models. Simultaneously published version 1.1 of XMF contains the second channel of the interface.  The new feature turns the entire line DPU—XTomo-LM—XMF into a powerful means of two-dimensional kinematic interpretation capable of processing data with different level of completeness and quality (rather high level is implicitly suggested by XTomo-LM inversion algorithms). From now on, a project initiated in XTomo-LM can be smoothly transformed into an XMF project for further development, and vice a versa. That allows combining exact XTomo-LM methods with manual fitting of those model components that are poorly lighted with data. Fore more details see XMF documentation, section XTomo-LM and XMF of the first chapter.